Should You Do Those Home Improvements Before Selling Your Home?

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Qualifying for an affordable mortgage has grown as an issue for most buyers.  If a seller is considering putting money into the home in order to boost the sale price, this might be a bad strategy.  A buyer who is squeezed  financially might be willing be bend on amenities to lower their monthly payment.  The buyer can do the fixing-up later when he or she has the money to do so.  A seller should consider how much the improvements would cost relative to how much they would boost the bottom line; it might be wiser to market your home as a “fixer upper”. 

Furthermore, at the lower price, the buyer’s equity may cover more of the down payment, helping them to get a better rate. Today, buyer’s top priority is affordability…not necessarily stainless steel appliances.  Remember, while builders can afford to throw in amenities at cost, most sellers cannot.

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